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McKinsey's Business Technology Office

McKinsey's global Business Technology Office (BTO) advises the top management of leading global companies and organizations on all important IT and technology issues. Our work focuses on effectively applying technology to solve business problems – and sustainably increasing the value of our clients' companies as a result. In particular, we help our clients to successfully manage technology investments and align them with the strategic priorities of their businesses.

Since 1997, the BTO has supported the top management of leading companies in all industries to master complex challenges at the intersection of business and technology. With more than 700 consultants at approximately 50 locations in more than 25 countries, the BTO is one of McKinsey’s largest and fastest-growing offices. Our consultants are fully integrated into McKinsey’s global network, and work hand in hand with colleagues from other sectors and functions. They bring an objective perspective to their work that is independent of system manufacturers and IT service providers.