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Experience the way we work

Horizon 2016 is a four-day workshop for students who want to gain a first impression of the BTO, learn about our consulting approach, experience the way we work, and meet some of our people from BTO offices all over Europe. You'll also have the chance to work on your communication, presentation, interviewing, and problem solving skills.

Horizon 2016 will take place in Barcelona from May 19 - 22. 

Here is some more information on our program:


After an initial round of getting to know each other, we will end the evening with a relaxing barbecue while enjoying a beautiful ocean view. 


In the morning, we will conduct a brief training session. Following a group lunch, we will enjoy a relaxing afternoon followed by a typical Spanish evening. 


A strategy that is well formulated and supported by the entire organization is a prerequisite for sustainable business success. So what are "good strategies" and how can companies improve on them? In the morning, you will gain an understanding of how McKinsey helps clients optimize their strategy and strategy process and, thus, increase their outlook for success. Then, in the afternoon, you will have the chance to apply the knowledge gained to develop an IT strategy within a case study of an international aid organization. Following the evening dinner, we will "put on our dancing shoes" and discover Barcelona's nightlife.


You will learn how we solve case studies at McKinsey and then have the opportunity to put what you've learned into practice. This will be followed by a group lunch and departure.